Jump Seats

CP has decided to cease the practice of intermittently deadheading crews in a lead locomotive where such practice would require use of the jump seat.

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Award effective date

We understand there are several items within the award that have specific dates attached to them and as such these items are effective on those dates.

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Adams Award

We encourage everyone to read both documents. Over the coming days, we will review the award and provide our comments to the membership.

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The Great Canadian Pacific Magic Show

When the Hunter Harrison experiment began CP Rail's operating ratio was staggeringly high and did need some adjustments. The issue then becomes how many internal cuts can you make before it begins to hinder your ability to operate? 

Doug Finnson speaks about rail safety with Kirk LaPointe

Kirk speaks with the TCRC's Doug Finnson about the union's safety concerns over CP Rail's labour practices. 

CP Exemption Request - Speed Restriction

I am denying the exemption as I am of the opinion that it is not in the public interest and likely to threaten safety. I am of this opinion for the following reasons:

Unfit Clause - Policy Grievance

If you do not withdraw this directive, heaven forbid, place one of our members in a situation of tragic results, their blood will be on your hands and you will be held responsible. We strongly suggest that you review the “Westray Act, Bill C-45”, which was enacted by Parliament November 7, 2003.

Incident Research

Critical Incident Research Project that the TCRC has funded, in part, to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs that are in place at the railways at this time.


Pension Portal

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