Final & Binding Arbitration

Sisters and Brothers:

This letter is further to our bulletin of March 20, 2022, with respect to our negotiations with the Company.

In consideration of the hard positions of the parties at bargaining and the near certainty that our dispute would eventually end in a final and binding arbitration as ordered by the government. For this reason, our bargaining committee made the decision it would be in all of our best interests to take control of the situation and work out an agreement that gives us power over the terms, conditions and eventual arbitrator.

Through many hours of negotiations, we have worked out an agreement to take the major issues from the bargaining table and put them into a final and binding arbitration that is fair. The parties have agreed to some work issues that will also be put to the arbitrator to form part of the final award.

The issues of wages, benefits and pension are the outstanding issues the arbitrator will rule on. Our bargaining committee is confident in our positions on these issues and the process that has been agreed will result in a fair settlement for all of our members.

We thank all TCRC members, The TCRC National Office, and others throughout Teamsters Canada for the continued support you have shown us through these past few days. Additionally we would like to thank Federal Mediators for their assistance and patience dealing with two difficult teams.

Divisions will be sending out the return-to-work protocol for your guidance and information.

We will keep you informed on any further developments.

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In Solidarity,

Dave Fulton
General Chairman - CTY West

Greg Edwards   
General Chairman - LE West

Wayne Apsey    
General Chairman - CTY East

Ed Mogus    
General Chairman - LE East